CMS Made Simple - Can Pay Cash


CMS Made Simple - Can Pay Cash


I am a linux club volunteer in Northern New Mexico who puts together CMS web sites for people in my community... to help them achive thier dream of whatever...  I am still learning a lot about programming. So far I have mostly stuck to PHP. In this situation I have put together a site using CMS Made Simple.

My "client" wants the email submitted from the form (made using "Form Builder" a CMSms add-on module) to go into the Constant Contact email marketing services account she uses to send emails from. Now the email address goes to her via email and is saved in the mysql database at the hosted area of the web site. She also wants the submitted email address to go into the Constant Contact account at the same time or to upload daily (or on command) from mysql. I just do not have the ability to write this kind of implementation. I am very interested in how to write it, just not skilled enough yet.

Has anyone done this with CMS made simple? I have grabbed the samples of how to implement the API with drupal, joomla, etc. I am not sure if this will help me as I only need a part of the capability these other samples use. Any pointers would be really appreciated. This client can pay a reasonable fee.



Unfortunately I do not have any experience dealing with this particular CMS or CMS add-on, however I can elaborate on the logic that would be required in order to implement this. In addition to the form submitting the collected information into the MySQL database, it would also need to perform an http post to Constant Contact with an XML request body that would contain details from the form in the correct format. For an example of how this XML would look, I would recommend taking a look at Creating a Contact. If you are performing all of these operations in PHP, we do have sample forms created in PHP that may be helpful located on our Sample Codes page.


Lastly, you could always recommend your client takes a look at the Constant Contact Marketplace - which has solutions providers who have experience integrating with Constant Contact and may be able to assist you with this.


If you have any questions or concerns regarding this issue, please let me know and I will be happy to help. Thank you.

David J

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