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When I do, i see a link/folder for CTCTWrapper.  There are a bunch of other folders and files listed below that ( ContactExample, EmailCampaignExample, nuget, .gitignore, and license.txt)  I'm not sure if I need those files to build the dll. What files do I need? There are a bunch of folder and files under the CTCTWrapper.  What files do I need to get to build the dll?


I attached a picture to show you what I see.




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Re: CTCTWrapper



In order to build the DLL you will need the entire contents of the CTCTWrapper folder under the .net-sdk repo. Github should provide a simple download link for you on the right side that you can use to get this.


Once oyu have the code, you can open the CTCTWrapper.sln file with visual studio and simply build the project to get the DLL. This should be doable with any version of Visual studio 2010 or newer, including the express versions.


If you run into any issues, please feel free to reach back out here for assistance!



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Re: CTCTWrapper

While building the project, I am getting below error:


Cannot implicitly convert type 'System.Collections.Generic.IList<CTCT.Components.Tracking.TrackingSummary>' to 'CTCT.Components.ResultSet<CTCT.Components.Tracking.TrackingSummary>'