Can I develop a paid add-on for Constant Contact?

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Can I develop a paid add-on for Constant Contact?

Thanks in advance for replies. I read the terms & agreements but there wasn't any clear answer when it came to making add-ons. I am making an add-on for a CMS that integrates someone's constant contact account into it, to easy manage their online sign ups through the CMS. I want to charge money for someone to download this add on. It will have the php library. Would this be acceptable?


As far as logos and things, I can put the logo in the backbend, do I have to put it on the forms as well (anywhere CC functionality will appear?)


Also do I need to have the ToS disclosure before they start using my app, or have they already agreed to it when they connect their account to my app?


Thanks so much.

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I realize now this was probably a dumb question seeing as there are paid add ons in the app place here.


Though the other two questions still unclear. Thanks


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Yes you are more than welcome to charge for your app that integrates with Constant Contact :)


You also aren't required to put our logo on your application, however if you did we do provide a large resolution logo here:


We would just ask that if you do place our logo on your application that you use the logo provided and not alter it other than size wise (keeping it proportional).

As for the TOS, you do not have to have your users agree to these as they are for our Technology Partners and the users on Constant Contact would have already agreed to the User Terms of Service.

Hopefully these answers help out!

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