Cant get version 1 API Key - What are my Options


Cant get version 1 API Key - What are my Options


My boss recently requested for me to go out and get a Constant Contact API key for a new website we are creating. I'm quite lost as I have never used Constant Contact. I've been reading around on the forums but I think I might be just confusing myself more. I have some questions I hope you can answer.

Q1: Can't get version 1 API key...
I tried to get an version 1 API key here
I filled out the form and submitted it however I have not received anything, no API key, no email. I waited two days nothing. I then submitted again and still nothing. Has this form been deactivated? I've been reading around that version 1 API key shouldn't be used anymore.



Q2: Should I get a version 2 API key?



Q3: If so, how should I process?
The company I'm working for has a partner account with multiple users already created. To get a version 2 API key it looks like I need a Mashery account. Would I create a Mashery account for each 'user' account or only for the 'partner' account? I read somewhere that I only need one API key for a partner account.


Q4: Should the username match?
When creating a Mashery account does the username need to match the partner account, the user account or doesn't matter?

Thanks in advance.


Q1 - We haven't disabled that form, it should still be working though there is honestly no reason to ever use it.  A v2 API key can access all of the v1 API endpoints but a v1 API key is not able to access v2.  It would have provided you with your API key and secret immediately after creating on, not via email.  Will have our team take a look at this.


Q2 - Our recommendation: yes.  There is no reason not to get a v2 API key, even if you are planning on using the v1 API.


Q3 - We manage all of our API traffic and developers through a software product called Mashery.  They are a leading API management suite.  However, you are required to create (or use your already existing) Mashery account to create and manager your API keys now.  The API key is only used to identify the developer/organization who creates the integration.  You will only ever need one API key per integration you build, even if you have 1000s of users.  Your users should never know what an API key is, where they come from or what an API really is if the integration is built correctly.  It would "just work" for them.


Q4 - This is completely up to you.  Mashery manages 100s of API programs.  If you do lots of API or integration work, you'll likely run into them again.  Feel free to create the name to reflect whatever you think is most appropriate.  We have no requirements on that front nor does Mashery. 


Hope this helps!

Dave Berard
Senior Product Manager, Constant Contact

I am a business owner, not a developer. I simply need my API key to integrate our new CC account with our BigCommerce account/website. 


I don't see an easy way to do this.



BigCommerce has a great FAQ that explains how to set up the integration as well as providing you the API key to use for the integration here:

Dave Berard
Senior Product Manager, Constant Contact
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