ColdFusion, digest authentication, and Linux


ColdFusion, digest authentication, and Linux

We have a Cold Fusion site through which we want to upload contacts but, as stated in a previous thread, CFHTTP does not support digest authentication. CFX_HTTP5 seems to be the answer for many people, but it only works with Windows and our server is Linux. Is there a compatible bit of code for our platform? Thanks!

Most web programming languages that do not support Digest authentication natively can be programmed or enhanced in some way to add digest authentication. PhP 4.0, for example, can have the headers modified in the web request to add in the digest authentication.

For ColdFusion, the file that would need to modified is a local version of the following:

Simple Login cfm script

That login script would need to be modified, or the local one on your computer, to reflect the RFC 2617 standard.

I hope this points you in the right direction.
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Note that our API was recently changed so that it supports Basic Authentication (over https).
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Is this an option for you?

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