Column Header Names


Column Header Names


I want to make a customized column. It is currently named "customer field #1" how can I change that name, so others will know what info to populate in this field


From an API standpoint this is not possible, as we would always read your custom field names as their default column names. However, you could abstract this by building a small function to map your field names to their actual field names (ie: "Pets Name" could map to "Custom Field 1", so your application would just see it as "Pets Name").


If you are not using our API, and are looking to rename a column on an excel spreadsheet to upload this contact data, that is something we can do. If you follow the steps in this FAQ: Renaming contact custom fields


you can then place the renamed custom fields as your column headers, allowing you and others to see this in your file as your customized column names. I hope this helps. If you have any questions or concerns regarding this please let us know. Thanks.

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