Constant Contact Wordpress Sign Up plugin not working

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Constant Contact Wordpress Sign Up plugin not working

I installed the constant contact plugin, and it is not working.


It is in the footer of our wordpress (newest version) site,  When I enter a test email, it just gets stuck on "Sending..." and nothing happens for 2-5 minutes, then a pop up comes up stating "There was a problem with the request".


I checked all the settings from User name and password to Security Check (Spam Stopper), and everything seems to be fine.  The problem occurs using both IE and Firefox.


Anyone have any ideas? I emailed the creators of the plugin, but no response.


Any help would be appreciated.






Re: Constant Contact Wordpress Sign Up plugin not working

Sorry for the challenges you're facing.  We do not have the ability to support 3rd party plugins.  If the problem is with browser compatibility of the plugin, the only option will be to get support from the creator of the plugin who can support their code. 


As has been mentioned in other posts in this forum, we are very close to releasing an update to our signup forms which would allow embedded signup forms like this without the need for any plugins.  While I can't provide specific dates, we are very close to releasing this and all of our customers should see this in their accounts soon.  If you're able to wait a little while, it is probably going to be a much easier to use option than this plugin and you'll be able to get support for it directly from Constant Contact.

Dave Berard
Senior Product Manager, Constant Contact
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Re: Constant Contact Wordpress Sign Up plugin not working

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