Contacts Display Dynamically on Web Page

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Contacts Display Dynamically on Web Page

I'm doing the web pages for our not-for-profit group and I'd like to display a really simple list of our members and their contact information on our private web pages for our members. I'd like to simply be able to update the info within our CC account, then have some code on one page to get fetch the list. I'm not a developer but have done some web design in FrontPage in the past. I should be able to modify the code if I could get the right leg forward.

I've visited you developer site here...

I tried to input the URL to get the code, and have acquired an API key and secret question, but I'm unable to figure out how to make it work. 


I am trying to find an internet solution for our group so that the administration can be done in one easy place that sends our bulk emails, yet allows us to display the members contact info easily, without lots of ftp upload, saving to PDF, etc. so the technicals can be figured out once, then admin person simply edits CC.

Please advise on how I can set this up.




What you are doing is definitely possible with our API.  However, it would require using a server side scripting language such as or PHP to get it working.  What scripting language does the server have access to that you would be able to use?


We have sample forms on our site, located here, that have examples of pulling a list of contacts.  For instance, if you are using PHP, there is a PHP code sample that has a page where it lists all the contacts in the account.  You should be able to use that sample to get an example of what you are going to need to do.


Another resource that we have is our Constant Contact marketplace.  This is a site where we have listings for developers who have expressed interest in working with our customers to integrate with our APIs.


If you have any questions about any of this please let me know.



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Thanks for the prompt reply.  I have downloaded the PHP info, and plan to contact the server tech to ask more specific questions such as you have posed.  We use WordPress for our web pages and believe they are php based.


My hopes arer that I will be able to place the css file in the css folder, and add some html language on a web page to fetch the code.  Of course I recognize that's oversimplified.


I'll provide this info to my tech and see what goes.  Alternately, I'll contact one of the developer types on your pages.  Thanks

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