Contacts import - Bulk Activity Vs manual import from account

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Contacts import - Bulk Activity Vs manual import from account


I want to import my contacts stored on Constant contact account to update my website database. One time import.

I see an import functionality in the Constant contact account, which can generate a .csv format file.

I also see that Bulk activity can get me the complete list.

I would like to know what are the advantages of Bulk Activity over direct mports from the account.

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As you have stated, there are two ways to export contacts from our site to your website.  The first way is to do it manually, which does not require any programming knowledge and can be done quickly if you do not want to automate the process.  You can go to the contacts area and export the file manually to a .csv file.

If you prefer to automate the process, you can use our Bulk Activity API, which can make the process easier if you plan on exporting the contacts more than a once.  The Bulk Activity API will pull out exactly the information you need, all at once, and you can then take it and store it in your database however you like.

I would suggest that if you are just doing this one time, that you would be better off exporting the contacts to a .csv file from our site, instead of using the Bulk Activity to export your contacts.

Benjamin Soder
NOC Analyst
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