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Create a signup form that limits user to one list

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Create a signup form that limits user to one list

Hi, I'm new to constant contact, and have been looking for an example of code that would allow me to create a signup form that limits the user to one list. Currently my client has created a number of lists which are available for signup on from the main website ( - the 'email list' link), but we are creating a separate website for a film that is in development that we would like to have a newsletter for, and just limit them to one specific list (and not have this 'general list' and other lists available - that is here - ).

Sounds simple, but I just can't find anything. Apologies if this has been discussed -- I've searched, but may not have the right terminology to find it..



RE: Create a signup form...

Hi Barry,

What you're looking to do is something the API is able to do. The problem I think you're running into is that the API is just the interface, it needs to be programmed into a server or client script in order to be used to do what you want to. There is a php example here that does basically what you're looking to do. You can use that as a starting point if you're familiar with php and modify it as you need or use it as a guide for how to accomplish what you're looking to if you use a different language.
Dave Berard
Senior Product Manager, Constant Contact
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Great, thanks! I was able to

Great, thanks!

I was able to use this script, but I do have a question. The user is not sent an opt-in message to validate the email address using this form. We want to make sure people aren't signed up who don't want to be signed up, of course, and I imagine the opt-in method is Constant Contact's preferred way of having people sign up for lists. Is there a way to do this.

I will also be checking on the forum for making the form check for a valid email address..

RE: Confirmed Opt In

Hi Barry,

All you need to do to have the Opt In emails automatically sent is to turn on Confirmed Opt In for your Constant Contact account. You can do this in the My Settings tab.
Dave Berard
Senior Product Manager, Constant Contact
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Missing info

 This thread is similar my question -- I want the user to see different lists chosen by default depending on which form they use (different forms on different sections of the site).

The link given - here - doesn't seem to have any information on that page.

Is there a hidden field that can be included in the form with some kind of code that determines which list the user will see chosen by default?



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This should be fairly easy to

This should be fairly easy to do, you just need to manually add the contact lists to a drop down or could even subscribe them automatically without giving a list selection.

James Benson, PHP Developer.

Constant Contact Services:

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Please explain further

Hi James, 

Could you please explain this a different way--not really following you.  I too want to create an opt-in box that goes to a specific list.  Thanks!

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Hi, That link no longer works


That link no longer works because we have new samples that allow you to do what you want.

You can find the new sample code at

and if you look at the documentation for the PHP sample to customize which lists you want people to subscribe to.


Sir..can you pls reply for 2nd forum query?


 Mr. Chang Suh.....Can you Pls reply for 2nd forum question (how to update State code in constant contact)





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Still not really responding to this thread question!


I looked thru the above link--thank you for that.  But I do not see how to do what this thread is asking.  Creating sign-up box that goes to one specific list.  Please help!!