Create sign up form that goes to a single specific list


Create sign up form that goes to a single specific list

 I admit it, I am a total newbie when it comes to this custom API stuff, so I need a little direction and help.  I have a Constant Contact account with several contact lists.  I need to make a sign up box that sends the first/last name, phone and email to a specific list which is not the default list.  The sign up form is going onto a subject specific page, hence the need for sign ups to only go to this particular list.  I have my API key info, but have no idea how to generate the code to create the sign up box and get the data to the right list.


Thank you in advance.


It sounds like the Constant Contact Signup Form Generator (CCSFG) may be exactly what you're looking for. This utility does not require any programming experience or knowledge of our API's. The CCSFG is uploaded to your website, and is then able to create HTML forms for you which can be customized to collect whatever information you feel is needed, including the fields you listed above. You can also force users to be signed up to one specific list, and it would not need to be the default list.


If this does not work for you, please let me know and we can go over some other options. However it sounds like this would be a great fit for you. If you have any questions please let us know.

David J

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Hello, I'm having the same issues as the user above,

I've installed and used to contact form generator, but keep getting sent to the failure page if the email is already in another list.

Is there any way to have it update the existing contact and put them into another list on top of whatever list they've already subscribed to?

Now trying to look at code snippits to do this.

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Update: here's the error message that comes out of CCSFG:


We're Sorry!

It appears that you are already a subscriber of our mailing list.

I've looked at the simple form snippets and they have a link to edit the contact like this:

This contact already exists. Click here to edit the contact details.

Can I make a link or a  a new form/confirmation that'll add the email to the specified list?

someting like this:

Thankyou for your interest, It appears that you've already subscribed to one of our lists.

If you'd like to be spcifically subscribed to mypromotionlist, please confirm by clicking below

Confirm Subscrition

I mean all the functionality is there in the example snippet, but is this reinventing the wheel? Surely someone has done this before!?



This functionality is certainly possible, but it is not included because there is nothing preventing someone from entering your email address and updating your information. We did not want to include that functionality in the CCSFG naively because of that. If you are comfortable with that possibility and want to send an email to our webservices support team I would be happy to send that over to you.

David J

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We just released a brand new tool for Constant Contact users called ccQuick (


It's a great tool that allows you to create and configure subscribe boxes for your websites and then easily put the box on your site with a simple piece of code. Lead capture definitely just got easier.


Check it out!

Thank you for sharing this with our users!  I just used this app and tested the iFrame, HTML, and Javascript that it generated.  All 3 forms worked nicely and the form creation is very fast (done in less than 5 minutes).  I gave you your first review in our marketplace.


Best Regards,
Shannon W.
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