Creating a list from javascript


Creating a list from javascript

I am trying to create a list as described here:, where it says you can create a list by posting to /lists. It does not give a lot of detail but it does say you need to post, not get.


So I am posting to


with the name of the list posted as Name. However, I get back this error: 


HTTP Status 403 - Not Allowed to access {emsegal}

type Status report

message Not Allowed to access {emsegal}

description Access to the specified resource (Not Allowed to access {emsegal}) has been forbidden.


Maybe I am doing this whole thing the wrong way. But I would like to do this using javasript, and I would like to avoid putting together an XMLDOM and posting it. Can anyone help me just create a list with javascript?


PS I am not trying to add names right now, just create a list.


When I tried taking my name out of the curly brackets in the url, I posted to this address:

and got this error


Error 415: Content type: 'application/x-www-form-urlencoded' is not accepted by this collection. Accepted type(s) are: 'application/atom+xml;type=entry'.

Our API request you to send a full body XML document to create a list, found here:


There are numberous problems using an Authenticated REST API through JavaScript, most of which are assoicated with Cross Site Scripting issues.  It may be possible to get a successful list creation through JavaScript, but it will be impossible to pull information back from a 3rd party domain due to XSS security protections in browsers.  We recommend using a server side language to make sure that you are able to fully use the API without any security issues.


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