Custom Signup Form Error

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Custom Signup Form Error

I was trying the Custom Signup Form generator and I can't get past thie following:

It appears that this signup form has already been configured. As a result you will need to verify the access credentials to continue.

I put in my login info and it just keeps repeating. How do I get past this.



It sounds like the problem you are having is related to starting the Signup Form generator after modifying the config.php file manually.  The best way to get this message to stop is to:

1. Remove the information you added from the config.php file manually, and then restart the program.

2. Delete your CCSFG_0.0.2 folder, and replace it with an unmodified version by re-downloading it.

3. Log into the program through your browser using the credentials you have in the config.php file, click the "Access Credentials" button, and use your correct username and password there. This will write the correct information into the config.php file, thus allowing you to successfully authenticate your login credentials with Constant Contact.

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