Do I need an Oauth2 token?


Do I need an Oauth2 token?

I have one web form, for one company, on one page of one web site. I would like to be able to first check if an email is already registered with us (according to CC best practices), and add it if it is not. That's it. The SDK and C# wrapper have so much more code in there than I would ever need for such a simple Use Case. I already signed up for a Mashable account, and have an API key. I have no need to use OpenAuth as there will never be a "customer" using my tool, as it is just something built for our own web site.


Is there a C# example of the absolute simplest way to check if a contact exists? What are the steps involved? It's clear from the tool on Mashable how easy it is to create the query strings, but what do I need to do to authenticate? I'd like to eliminate the Oauth and Token process if at all possible. Thank you for any help.


If you've used the IO/Docs on our Mashery API management site, you have already created an OAuth 2.0 Access Token.  You can simply copy/paste that Access Token and hard code it into your implementation to avoid having to implement OAuth 2.0 in any way.  That should simplify the OAuth process for you, hope that solves that problem.


As for the sample, the .net wrapper on our Github page ( does include a simple example of a Sign Up form, showing how to create a signup form, check to see if a Contact already exists and create a Contact if they don't already exist.  This is done as a Windows Form application, but the majority of the code could be copy/pasted into a simple ASPX form button action without much modification.


Hope this helps!

Dave Berard
Senior Product Manager, Constant Contact
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