Double API same Plugin not working | Only one at a time?


Double API same Plugin not working | Only one at a time?

Hi there,


I’m having a time with an API. I’m using the optinrevolution pop up to gain subscribers to .  It was working then you added the 50 subscribers in a 24 hour period causes a captcha.  That broke it from 50+.  So I was able to use the API to make it work. But I have this pop up plugin on on its own instance of WordPress  and on on a separate instance of WordPress.  So two plugins on different WordPress sites but it’s only allowing one to connect to the API at a time.  If I try and get them both to work via the API one of them will not work.  Is it possible to have two of the same plugin connect via API?


Any ideas on how to get this to work?






There isn't anything inherent in our API that would prevent you from having multiple websites access the same account.  However, there could be something built into how the Wordpress plugin is built that would prevent that.  Any chance you could share which Wordpress plugin you are using?  Constant Contact does not build or maintain any of these Wordpress but maybe we can help by looking at them or reaching out to the developer.

Dave Berard
Senior Product Manager, Constant Contact

Thanks for writing me back in here Dave.  The plugin is popular has 85,000 downloads and a high review and is called optin revolution pro.


What it turnes out is this.  Below is what they had to do to make it work but I personally dont know how they did it and I could not replicate what they did to make it work.  From the broken english of the programers who wrote me back do you have any idea what happend?



Hi Sean,

I saw the issue in constant contact api - this is about the token access - since you cannot use different token in a domain. So I decided to make same token both site and, by just copying the token of and updating it to here And do testing it both site it looks fine now. If you asking how - I do this manually via script.

Take a note: If you are using both site same constantcontact API - please don't do other authentication it would update the token.
And if there is a new update version for optinrevolution pro - this is not affected.

Can you do a test again, see if working well in your end?

Hope this helps.

Thank you.

Optin Revolution Support.

Great to hear they were able to assist you!

Dave Berard
Senior Product Manager, Constant Contact
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