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Emoji Support in the subject line?

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Emoji Support in the subject line?

I see that sending an email through constant contact itself has emoji support but so far I haven't been able to get it to work with the API.  The code source that I'm using is:  When trying to create the campaign I'm getting the following error message:


Exception: json.payload.contains_invalid_characters:The request contains text outside supported character set.


Has anyone gotten emoji's working?

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Re: Emoji Support in the subject line?

Hello @MikeR8307,


Our API creates what we refer to as a custom code email. That type of email does not have emoji support at this time. I will make sure I submit feedback on your behalf to our developers for adding support for these types of characters.


You can attempt to encode your subject line using UTF-8 encoding; however I'm not sure this will work for emoji's. It is something we've had success with on foreign language character sets.

Jimmy D.
Tier II API Support Engineer
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Re: Emoji Support in the subject line?

Thanks for the quick response, Jimmy!  I will give it a shot to see if that works.

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Re: Emoji Support in the subject line?

As an update I was able to get emoji's on the body to work when converting to UTF-8 but the subject doesn't work/look quite right in my solution.  At least it's half working!