Error 400 when craeting a new user.

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Error 400 when craeting a new user.

 Hi everyone, I'm trying to add new contacts, using the ctct php library, but I keep getting an error response 400.


this is my xml


<entry xmlns="">
    <name>CTCT Samples</name>
  <summary type="text">Customer document</summary>
  <content type="application/vnd.ctct+xml">
    <Contact xmlns="">
      <CompanyName>Company name</CompanyName>
      <CustomField4>Street address</CustomField4>
      <CustomField6>First Name</CustomField6>
      <CustomField7>Last Name</CustomField7>
      <CustomField9>Company Name</CustomField9>
      <CustomField10>Street Address</CustomField10>
      <CustomField12>Real Estate License #</CustomField12>
      <CustomField5># of agents in your office</CustomField5>

  Do I need to change anything in the php library? the form was working fine, until I changed my password.


Thanks in advance


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Re: Error 400 when craeting a new user.



If you changed your password and were using basic authentication, you would need to change your password in the config.php file in the PHP wrapper.  Let me know if that doesn't work, and I will go through your XML line by line and point out any issues.


It does look like you don't have any lists specified in your XML (which is required), and there might be some other problems with the XML as well.


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Shannon W.

API Support Specialist

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Re: Error 400 when craeting a new user.

 Hi, I did change the password and API key in the config file.


 I'll check the list, and see if that fixes the issue.



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