Even using REST tool, API doesn't provide useful feedback

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Even using REST tool, API doesn't provide useful feedback

Per the request of one of your developers, we are trying to get some sort of useful information back on our initial tests of your API; so we downloaded and installed the REST tool.


Trying to do even very simple API queries just fails out.  We're doing a POST, using the URL for your API (per the docs), have provided the username and password credentials and continue to get no where with what should be trivial functionality testing.  The lack of useful responses from calls is very frustrating...


The URL we are using is: https://api.constantcontact.com/ws/customers/


All that's returned in our own simple proof of concept  tests; and that using the REST tool is the following:


<faultstring>Service Operation Identification Failure</faultstring>
Fault Name: ServiceOperationIdentificationFailure
Error Type: Default
Description: Service Operation Identification Failure
Service: LoadBalancer_HTTP_Check
Endpoint: loadbalancer_client
Operation (Client):



We've tried to find the error code 26110 on your site but have unable to locate any useful information about it and can not seem to get anywhere with your API sample code files.


Suggestions welcome.


The URL you're accessing is not a valid API endpoint.  The simplest option for accessing our API, which is just a top level service document with no interesting information, is:




The error you're seeing is our generic error for an invalid server endpoint.  I understand that it is not useful and we are always improving our error messages.  This specific issue is a low priority one for us as it only affects requests against endpoints that are outside of our customers namespace.

Dave Berard
Senior Product Manager, Constant Contact

We updated the test tool and now get a wonder 404 error.


the exact url is now: 


https://api.constantcontact.com/ws/customers/{USERNAME REMOVED}/

Would it be possible for you to save the request you're making from the RESTClient and send it to our developer support team to look at? The URL in question should have given you a 200 OK response as it is the correct URL.  We can look at your exact request to see what the problem is if you send the file over.  webservices@constantcontact.com

Dave Berard
Senior Product Manager, Constant Contact

We can't seem to get anything back from the REST tool and so have stopped using it as we can't get anywhere by using it.

Our API support team is sending you an RCQ file for the RESTClient to show how the requests are formatted and work.  We can also provide some examples using the PHP library you're using, we have a very complete readme file showing how to use the API. 

Dave Berard
Senior Product Manager, Constant Contact

Great.  We look forward to getting that information; perhaps it will shed some light on things so we can get this very simple proof of concept in place.


Mark C has our contact info and has been in contact with us as his time permits.


Thank you



Please see the latest responses to your emails. I corrected some problems with the request you were attempting in RESTClient (incorrect URL), and when I submitted the request to the proper url, but using my test account, I recieved the following, more useful, response:


Error 400: The new contact must contain at least one valid ContactList


There are other error responses, for errors not frequently encountered when making requests through our Wrapper Libraries, or by following the specifics in our API Documentation, which are definitely not as informative as they could be, and we will encourage our API developers to do something about those.


Please look for my latest email response for a little more detail.

Mark Coleman
Support Engineer
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