Event Listing Filters


Event Listing Filters

My requirement :


(1) Get upcoming events.

(2) Get Past events based on certain filters (eg : date, tags)


From my understanding of the APIs available :

(1) Upcoming events can only be obtained via the html widget available. There are no REST APIs available for it. (Why? :(  )

(2) Data filtering isnt possible via the API & hence the onus is on the user to segregate the data.







When you do a get https call on the events URI, it will give you both the upcoming events as well as the completed and cancelled events.  You can find more information about there here


There currently is not any data filtering options available for our events API.  You would need to segregate the data on your end.


If you have any questions about this, or if you run into anything while you are doing your integration, please feel free to ask us.



Benjamin Soder
NOC Analyst
Constant Contact

I am aware of the existing REST APis but wasnt sure if there was a way to get only the upcoming events via it.


Since the html widget is able to give the upcoming events, I couldn't understand why a REST API for it doesnt exist already.




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