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Events API SDK

I'm working with the php-sdk from github and there are no events services. Are these missing? Has someone extended the Ctct object to include events services?


Spoke with our developer who volunteers to update the PHP SDK.  He hasn't had time to add the Event endpoints to the PHP SDK yet due to other work he has on his plate.  Will see if we can get those added soon. 

Dave Berard
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Thanks Dave. In the meantime I have been trying to use the SDK as a model (i'm kind of new to php). I can query and event and I do get back information but the parameters do not match what's in the api guide. In particular I'm looking to take action based on the number of registrants and the GET is supposed to return a parameter 'total_registered_count'.  Neither my call nor the sample call in the mashery return this paramter.


Am I not doing something correctly or is the information truncated because I'm using a trial account?

After investigating this issue you are running into it appears that the information for total event registrants is not currently being included in the API response, even on the two endpoints where it is documented to do so. We will be investigating this issue further to find the cause and then get a fix implemented.


There is a workaround that can be used to get the registrant count for an event until we are able to address this. That workaround requires you to request the list of registrants for an event, count the number present, request the next page if there is pagination, and continue counting. Pagination will be present when the number of contacts exceeds the limit parameter for the request, which defaults to 50.


You can find the documentation for the event registrants collection here:


I do want to apologize for the difficulty that this is causing. If you have any questions about the issue or about the workaround, please feel free to reply to this post.


Best Regards

Elijah G.
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Thanks, Elijah!

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