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Existing user adds their name to another list

Occasional Contributor

Existing user adds their name to another list

We are using custom forms on our website. If a user has already signed up for a certain list on one part of our site can they sign up for an additional list on another part of the site? Right now it seems that if a user is already in the database they are not added to the second list because it reads as a duplicate email address? Ideally it would be nice the same address on both lists. Thanks.

CTCT Employee

Re: Existing user adds their name to another list



If you are using your own API, you can definitely do this.  If you are using our Constant Contact sign up form generator, we do not have the functionality in this program for updating due to security reasons.  If a person knows a contact email address they can just update it without verifying who they are.  However, we do have an update version for people who understand this risk.


What are you using?  A custom API, or something that we have created here?  I can definitely help you either way!



Benjamin Soder
NOC Analyst
Constant Contact