Express Permission through API


Express Permission through API

I currently have a custom form on my webpage and I'm using the API to create a new contact. After I create the new contact I login to my account and the status of the contact's email is Implied permission and the only way to get it to turn to Express permission I need to send out a confirmation email or a link to optin in the welcome email. I'm wondering if there is anyway to set the status of the email to Express persmission through the API?




When you are working through the API to manage contacts, we determine implied vs. express permission based on the method used to import the contacts. If you are importing contacts in bulk, the contacts will always have implied consent. If you are adding contacts individually, then you can specify if the permission is implied or express by adding them as ACTION_BY_OWNER (Implied) or ACTION_BY_VISITOR (Express).


You can read more about adding new contacts here:


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