Extracting all Campaign Activity to a File.....for load to External Database

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Extracting all Campaign Activity to a File.....for load to External Database

Hi All,

I am new to Constant Contact and am currently evaluating whether Constant Contact provides all of the capabilities I am looking for.  The biggest capability I am looking for is to be able to extract all activity(send, open, click, opt, bounce, etc.) across all of my camapigns so that I can load it into a seperate database for analysis, more complex reporting, and for future segmentation based on user acitivty.

In looking through some of the API documentation it appeared that activity could only be downloaded for a specific campaign or for a specific contact.  Can this be altered so that activity can be downloaded across all camapigns and for all users within my account?

If someone could let me know if and how(sample code) this could be accomplished it would be much appreciated.





Hi Justin,

We do not have the ability to create a bulk activity to export your campaign reporting data. Currently, reporting data can be returned for a specific campaign by Obtaining a Campaigns Results, which will give you reporting statistics for a specific campaign. Alternatively, you can Obtain Campaign Results for a Contact which will give you reporting details for an individual contact across multiple campaigns.


I hope that this information helps. Please let me know if you have any other questions or concerns regarding this. Thanks.

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Thanks for the reply.  Is this functionality that may be coming down the road or is it something that is really not being considered?

Also, for 3rd party apps that provide detailed reporting about Constant Contact activity are they doing this through existing APIs or do they have access to this data that is not open to all users?



I can send an email to our web services engineers with this feature request; however I am not sure what the timeline would be for something like this.

Currently all third party apps must use the same existing API's that are available to all users.


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