Flexibility in creating new campaigns


Flexibility in creating new campaigns

I am a business analyst. I have been asked to research CC for my company.  The company solicits people for donations from an email list we have developed There is business logic in creating each week's list of email addresses for solicitation. This means each week the email address list will change. Can CC handle this? From reading the documentation, it seems CC is set up to handle a set list for each week's email with minor tweaks made by unsubscribes. Or can we update the lists weekly through an API?


If a user responds to an email by arranging a pick up on our site, we want to be able to confirm the reservation through email. This means there will be a constant stream of one-off, somewhat unique emails. Can CC support this?


Finally, 24 hours before we pick up the goods, we send a reminder email. Again, this list will change each week therefore we need to be able to send an updated list to CC and also get the unsubscribes from CC in order to keep the list clean.


Any help would be great!





Based on your description of what you are intersted in implementing, two of the three pieces are easily accomplished with the Constant Contact platform. Our system is built for creating email messages that are to be sent to a given list of recipients. Both the messages and the lists are capable of being created through our API, and we do provide methods for updating these contact lists in bulk. This functionality would enable your first and third use case by allowing you to create and manage lists that will be mailed to. You can also collect information about unsubscribes from Constant Contact for your entire account, as well as for specific campaigns.


The one piece that could be challenging to implement will be to handle the sending of reservation emails through Constant Contact. This is potentially a limitation because our platform only allows the sending of email campaigns to lists of users, rather than to a single email address. This can be bypassed by creating a list with a single contact, which may be enough to enable you to succeed.


Each of the features I've mentioned is able to be used via the API with a minor limitation on email campaigns. At this time only custom code emails (where the HTML code is provided by your integration) can be created through our API.


If there is any additional information that I can provide or anything that I can clairfy, please let me know!



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