Footer Customization


Footer Customization

What i'm curious about is if there is a way that constant contact can disable the footer in an html email.

I understand that the content is required by law, but i would like to manually include it using my design. The only problem is i do not know the exact link for unsubscribing etc...

Is there any way that i can do this aside from paying constant contact to customize it for me?




 As you mentioned, much of the content of our footer is required by law because of the CAN-SPAM act. In order to guarantee that this information is always in every email, there is no way to disable the footer in Constant Contact emails. However, our Custom Services department does offer a service to customize the footer to reflect your branding and customization.


If you are interested in this, the fastest way to get in touch with Custom Services would be to call us at (866)-876-8464, or to fill out the online form here:


For more information about the custom footer service, visit this link:



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