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Generalizing the Redirect URI for localhost

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Generalizing the Redirect URI for localhost

This may be a dumb question but there goes:


My redirect URI is http://localhost:"somenumber"/rest of the URL. My problem is "somenumber" changes based upon the computer used so my team members get errors.


What should I put in my webconfig and in the Constant Contact Application textbox in order to make it generic so that any localhost will work?


Re: Generalizing the Redirect URI for localhost

Hello @DavidL7089,


The number listed after the localhost is the port number that the request is trying to connect to; port 8080 is the very common port for web traffic. Pretty much every computer should be able to use this port unless your network/computer has it blocked for some reason. If it is blocked then you would either need to unblock it or pick a different port to use on all computers.


The redirect URI can only be set to one thing per API Key. The only way to use different redirect URIs is to use multiple API Keys.

Jimmy D.
Tier II API Support Engineer
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Re: Generalizing the Redirect URI for localhost

I see. Thank you.


BTW, on your site, you have some extra html sticking out at the bottom that looks like //]]> 

Just letting you guys know.