Getting all the contacts details

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Getting all the contacts details


I have the API working to give me a contact's info via, but I need all the details.  If I take the contact-id and add it to the URL I get an error

gets me the contact with an id of 222222 (let's say)

So I pass

And I get an error.  What am I missing?


Mike K

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I did notice this works correctly in FireFox, but not IE - weird.


In IE, it will try to display the feed based on certain predefined RSS Feed types.  If the type can not be determined from the content, it will display an error message instead of the content.  However, the information is still there.  Simply Right-Click anywhere on the page and click "View Source".  You'll find the full XML of the returned request there. 


As an aside, it is much easier to work with XML like this in an interactive client such as RESTClient.  You can find more information about this program here.

Dave Berard
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