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Google Quarantine

Hi.  I sent test messages to my google company email as well as actually email through constant contact and they are showing up in my quarantine folder for my google email.  If I didn't check the folder I wouldn't even know that I received an email.  Before sending it said I had little or no spam issue.  How do I know this isn't happening for a lot of my contacts.  I sent out 900 emails and only had 78 opens.  I have better response when I send it through outlook.

Any help would be appreciated.





Hello Patti,


There is no way for any email service to know or predict with certainty whether the emails send out will be put in the intended recipient's inbox. The filtering applied by receiving email systems work on a variety of criteria, including aspects of mail content the identity of the sender, whether the sender's identity can be authenticated, etc...  The only type of criteria our SPAM checker function can use is the email content, but even then it can only be considered an assessment or risk, not certainty, because email SPAM filtering criteria are always evolving.  We can track many cases in which emails are blocked and filtered, but only if the blocking/filtering email system sends back a blocking reply.  In that case, you can check your email reports to identify which of your recipients are not receiving your emails. If no response is returned by their server, however, you will have no indication.


Quarantine systems often quarantine email until the sender is recognized or approved as a safe sender.  If your recipients had previously received emails from you that were sent from a particular email address of yours, and your Constant Contact from address is different, this can sometimes explain why your personal emails go through while your Constant Contact emails are quarantined.


The advantage of using Constant Contact is the ability to send out large numbers of emails and track the responses of your recipients to the emails.  If you have additional questions regarding deliberatively of your emails, I would encourage you to contact our customer support department, because they can provide you with additional information and further assistance with best practices that can help get your emails in the inbox of your intended recipients. 

Mark Coleman
Support Engineer
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