Green -- I have switched servers php ===> windows server


Green -- I have switched servers php ===> windows server

Okay so i am green and new and constantly learning and hoping soon to have the answer i have a website i was running on a linux server and i had found a php script you(forum) helped me get through. Now i am on a windows server i need help i am not sure where to start?

thank you i did look through other posts....

thank you

Thank you

Joshua Summers

In general, the best languages for a Windows server are .NET languages and coding in ASP/ASPX formats. We have some samples on getting GET, PUT and POST running on C# which is very easily ported to VB and C++. Check them out here. Once you have information in your program, the tools in those languages allow you to do pretty much anything you're looking to do and make using the API very easy.
Dave Berard
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