Having Trouble Creating List

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Having Trouble Creating List

I cant seem to find my error.  I am trying to create a list.  I have followed the API at http://developer.constantcontact.com/doc/contactLists#create_list, but still do not seem to be able to create the list.  I believe it is in the construction of my XML string.  I suspect a small oversight.   But when I execute the code in the attached file, all I get is: The remote server returned an error: (400) Bad Request.  Any help or insights would be appreciated. 

I am using VB.net and have attached my code in the enclosed text file.  I tried to copy and paste the code right in to this post, but it kept pasting incorrectly, hence the attachment.

Thanks, Bill



Looking at your XML, there were only a few things I needed to modify to get this to successfully create a new list.

1. Add quotes around application/vnd.ctct+xml in your opening <content> tag.

2. Remove </Contact> from your XML as this node is never opened and is not required for creating a contact list.

You can find an example of the XML that would need to be posted in order to create a new list under Creating a New List. I hope this helps to clear up any points of confusion.

David J

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I knew it was simple.  I tried for 2 days to get this fixed.  I guess I was to close to it and could not see the forest for the tress. 

Again, Thank You.


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