Help! Constant Contact + Magic Members Integration


Help! Constant Contact + Magic Members Integration

Hi there,


I have a quick question. I'm trying to get Magic Members membership plugin work with my wordpress site and constant contact. When I set up a test account with the test email address, it never transfers the new registered email to the constant contact mailing list. I have followed these steps:


API Key;

You can access the API key at;

Username, Password

and Contact List id;


ContactList id=""

Then enable "autoresponder" custom user field in:

Magic Members --> Content Control --> Custom User Fields

You can also hide that field by editing and selecting Input Type as "Hidden Field". This way

they won't need to check the box, because there won't be any box and they will be added to

your list automatically.


And I think I entered the correct contactlist id, but I'm still not getting that email address to show up under the email list. What am I doing wrong?!


The Magic Members integration was developed by the team at Magic Members, not at Constant Contact.  It's hard for us to help directly with these types of integrations, but the likely cause is that the list ID is incorrect.


The List ID and API key are not intended by Constant Contact to be used directly by our customers like yourself.  When we help developers like Magic Members create an integration, it ends up working like our Facebook and iPhone apps.  All you need to do is give access to the app, pick the list(s) from a menu and you're all done.  No need to create an API key or look up your list ID, the integration does that for you.


I'd be more than happy to work with Magic Members to help them improve the integration to work that easily, if you'd like to provide them with my contact information and connect them with me that would be great.  We're always here to help developers and our customers have a great experience with our product and provide great integrations.  I'll send you a private message with my personal contact information so you can pass it on to Magic Members.

Dave Berard
Senior Product Manager, Constant Contact
Occasional Participant

Hello, I'm having exactly the same problem as the poster above.


I just need to work out what the Contact list ID is, and have tried various different formats with no luck.


Did anyone get any further with this issue?





It's been a while since that post, so I'm not sure if Magic Members ever got back in touch with Dave to refine this, but I imagine the list ID that is needed isn't the "Order" of the list when you login through the UI, but rather a hidden value that we asign the list (it assigns a list ID incrementally in each account).


A quick solution to this, if this is programmed the way I think it should be, would be to login to the Constant Contact account, go to the Contacts tab, hover over the list name, and in the bottom left of the internet browser, you will likely see some identifying features populate for the list you hover over (it will start with  One of the paramaters it will display (you may need to wait a few seconds) is listId=someNumber.  That is the list ID for programming purposes.


I hope that helps, but if not, you can definitely have the developer of the integration contact us at so that we can help them get this sorted out.



Best Regards,

Shannon W.

API Support Specialist

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Hi, and thanks for replying so quickly.


I'm pretty sure I have the correct ID (it happens to also be the order number, presumably because it was the order in which the lists were created):


But what exactly I enter in Magic Members 'list ID' field is still a bit of a mystery. 


Do I enter 3, listid=3, or the full url as specified inmy last post? i have no idea because nothing i try seems to work. 


When the support contact at MM gets back to me I will send them your email so they can contact you and hopefully clear it up.


Many thanks.





Yes, those are the things I would have tried as well, starting with simply 3.  Not having access to their code, I can't provide too much more input on this, but if they email us (, or if you forward their email to us, along with their email address, we will certainly assist them with streamlining the integration.



Best Regards,

Shannon W.

API Support Specialist

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