Help with getting an opt-in box in my checkout sequence


Help with getting an opt-in box in my checkout sequence

I'm in need of adding a checkbox for my customers to opt-in to our constant contact email list within my checkout sequence.

I have a very limited knowledge of coding and not sure where to even start. We collect the email address during checkout now and just want users to be able to opt-in by checking the box and that will send the email address to constant contact for addition to the list.

can anybody point me in the right direction? The back end we use for our e-commerce is Celerant.


What you're looking to do can certainly be accomplished by the Contacts Collection API by adding some code to your checkout script. We have code samples in a few different languages in the Getting Started Forum that may help add this feature.

The only restriction is that the code will have to be created by yourself or your web developer to add the check box option and add the functionality to send the information.
Dave Berard
Senior Product Manager, Constant Contact

Please bring back the ability to remove a contact from multiple lists in one action. The new and improved contact management only allows me to remove a contact from one list at a time. VERY TIME CONSUMING !!!
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