How do I add more My Lists? Apparently I need to create an API?

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How do I add more My Lists? Apparently I need to create an API?

Hi, we have an email capture field on our website whereby the visitor is able to give us their email and select which newletter to join....

I understand that to have the visitor directed to join up another email list an API must be created?

The reason for this is because I run two very similar websites, one is in the US and one is in the UK. The UK audience should be directed to email signups that are more relelvant to their needs.

Is this sort of API easy to accomplish?

Thanks for all advice! Lister


If you were looking to have two sign up boxes, each of which automatically registers users to a different list, you would need to create separate sign up boxes using our API. This would basically consist of a form to capture the information you are looking to collect, and then using a script to format the information and submit it through our API.


You can find an overview of this process at, but this will require some programming experience by either yourself or a developer. If you do have a programming background, we have some sample forms available which can help get you started.  

David J

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Do you have a list of partners that you work with that might be able to build such an API please?



We do have a list of developers that have expressed interest in working on third party development projects. You can see a list of those developers under Development Resources. While Contant Contact does not have any direct experience with these companies, many of them have comments about their experience. I hope this helps.

David J

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WHY WHY WHY do you force me to click the ADD button to expose fields for data entry??? Who came up with that DREADFUL idea??? Now if I have to add a lot of info for a single contact, I have to keep bouncing back and forth - mouse/keyboard, mouse/keyboard. In the "old days" of data entry, I could design my own form, place the fields where I wanted them onscreen, then to enter data, it was FAST and EASY. Enter data into field 1, tab to field 2, enter data there, then tab to field 3, and on and on and on. VERY FAST. Never had to take my hands off the keyboard for editing a record in the database. Now you force me to take my hand OFF the keyboard, grab the mouse, click ADD, scroll down the long list of custom fields I have, find the right one, click to select it so it will appear, then put my hands back on the keyboard, enter the data, then take my hands off the keyboard to grab the mouse again to find the next field...HOLY MOLEY. And just now I typed this note in your feedback box, then went to select the category for the post, and once I selected the category, my long note disappeared! So I had to type it again! REALLY??? WOW. Who are your software designers? Torturers? Or just idiots?

Thank you for supplying your feedback to us. It is very important, and we highly value your opinion. Please continue to vote, and don't hesitate to let us know any time you have questions, more information, or any feedback to give us!

Elliot R.

This system is more concerned about permissions than it is in your customers. Why not ask me the same question for a group of emails vs just one?
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I have been in contact with some developers to implement an email sign-up API but I just wanted to confirm that the following scenario is logical for Constant Contact:

Our website sells various products. I would like it so that when a visitor enters their email on a particular page they only receive a confirmation that they have joined that email list for that particular interest. Currently when a visitor enters their email they are asked which email group to join.

In other words, imagine that our website sells fruit. I would like it so that when a visitor is looking at the apples page, when she enters her email, she automatically joins the "apples email list" rather than having to select the correct email list from one long list of email lists.

I have like 7 categories that would require 7 email lists and 7 emails to send.

Is this a logical and possible way to implement an API for CC? Basically what I am proposing is to break-up the email sign-up forms into unique collection lists.

Hope that is all clear!!

Thanks!!!!!!!!! H


This is definitely a logical use of the API.  Since each sign up form is basically only one list that the user can check from (their fruit they like), it doesn't make sense to bring them to an interest list page.  The API is the best way to do this.

Dave Berard
Senior Product Manager, Constant Contact
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