How i can get A testing Account for my development

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How i can get A testing Account for my development



As I was using trial version of ConstantContact where if I sync 128 users account got expired. And after that I will not be able to send campaigns and fetch their opens and clicks respectively.

So my question is there is any testing account where I can test for 400 users and I will test my product for worst conditions.

What's the users limit of trial version???




Sorry, as of now, we don't have developer accounts, just the trial accounts (which you're of course welcome to use).  The trials are limited to only 100 email addresses in the account.  Is there something in particular you're trying to test that requires you to add over 100 contacts?  


The "next" link for bounces and clicks is activated once you have more than 50 opens or clicks, so you should be able to test that (although, admittedly, probably not in the easiest fashion unless your users bounce too often).  You can actually click on the same link yourself 51 times to test click 'next' functionality.  Our PHP and .NET wrappers have the next functionality built into them as well.


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