How to Incorporate Date of Birth as a custom field when signing up for email

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How to Incorporate Date of Birth as a custom field when signing up for email

Hi - we just getting set-up on Constant Contact and are transitioning from an older email program.

We will be using the API to pass data in from the registration page on our site ( We will be keeping all fields with the exception of Password and confirm Password. The existing sign-up page also captures date of birth through a series of drop down menus - month, day, year as separate drop down menus.

In Constant Contact, it looks like all we can do is create custom fields. Given that we want to keep the date of birth question, what is the best way to capture this?

Do we simply create 1 custom field (i.e. Date of Birth (mm/dd/yyyy) - and have the data map to that field? Can the API allow for this?

Or would we capture each item (month, day, year) in separate custom fields (seems like this would be much harder to use the data if captured this way)....

re: How to incorporate Date of Birth

While you have either option available to you, I think you will want to create a single custom field. Then have your code create a single string from the Month+/+Day+/+Year values and use that single string to populate the custom field.
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