How to authenticate with an API and Userpassword

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How to authenticate with an API and Userpassword

How can I authenticate by passing in my API key and user/password?

Why do I need an endpoint etc?


I have simple windows app and need to Single Sign On - I just want to enter my API, User and Password.

I could do this in the old api. like this


public AuthenticationData Get_Authentication()


help.. thx


Hi Jon, we no longer support Basic Authentication in the new API for security purposes.  We instead have shifted to OAuth 2.0, an industry standard for getting protected access to data via API without having to share or store your username/password anywhere. 


To use this in a single user scenario, such as yours, you do not need to set up anything at all.  Simply follow the steps in our Authentication Guide for getting access to a single user integration:


Hope this helps!

Dave Berard
Senior Product Manager, Constant Contact
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thx.. that worked

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