How to find the list ID for your contact lists


How to find the list ID for your contact lists

The new contact management system implemented over last year or so has brought our users tons of new features, and changes to how some things worked in the previous system. One of these changes is that the list ID for a contact list no longer displays when you float the cursor over the list name. Some 3rd party integrations require their users to provide the list ID when adding or updating contacts (not a best practice for those of you building integrations with us). 


If you need to provide a list ID and find yourself no longer able to obtain it as before, besides contacting the support team for the integration/application you are using, here's how to go about doing this. 


To obtain the lists in your account, along with the list ID's, you can either:

  • For Developers: use the built in functionality to getLists in one of our SDK's, or use our IO Docs or a REST Client to make a GET /lists API call.
  • For Non-Developers: You will need to use our API to retrieve the lists in your account. The list information retrieved using our API includes the list name and list ID. Luckily, our IO Docs let you make this API call easily. 

In order to use the API (application programming interface), even with IO Docs, you need:

  • an API key
  • an access token.

You don't really need to know what these are if you don't want to. Just follow the instructions to create a Mashery API Key (if you don't already have one) and use the IO Docs page, or a RESTclient, to make an API call to get the lists.


First, get an API key:


  1. Go to and follow the 3 steps under "Request an API Key".
  2. API keys are usually used by an application that accesses data in another program. So you will pretend you are registering an application to get your key. Make up an application name and provide a redirect uri (Huh? It's ok, don't worry about what it is). It's important to use the correct format for the "redirect uri" - feel free to use All other fields on the application registration page can be left blank.
  3. Leave the default settings in the Web APIs section.
  4. Accept the terms of service, and click Register Application. 
  5. The Application Registered page displays. Click the Get an access token and try the API here link.

Now get an access token:

  1. On the Application Registered! page, click the Get an access token and try the API here link.
  2. This takes you to the IO Docs tab, and enters your API key in the App/Key field. Click Get Access Token.
  3. This takes you to the Create a new Constant Contact account page. However, you already have a Constant Contact account, so click I already have an account
  4. If you are not already logged into your account, a login screen appears. Log in to your Constant Contact account. 
  5. The Grant Access screen appears. In order to generate the access token, you must grant the API key you created access to your account. Click Grant Access.
  6. Your access token is displayed. Copy the token and save somewhere for retrieval if you need it again at some time. Click DoneThe IO Docs page appears.

Use IO Docs to retrieve list ids

  1. In the IO Docs page, your API key is shown in the App/Key field. Paste your access token in the Enter Access Token field. 
  2. Scroll down the page to the ContactList Methods section
  3. Click GET to expand that section. 
  4. Click Try it!
  5. The data for your lists displays in the Response Body section. the "id" field and the value shown is the list id you need. 
  6. Copy and paste this information so that it is easy for you to retrieve when you need the list id. 
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