How to get a list of issues from a completed Activity/Job via the API?

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How to get a list of issues from a completed Activity/Job via the API?

I'd like to get a list, or at least the number of contacts that couldn't be added/updated so that I can report it to administrators.


The ConstantContact Activity queue, for example, shows the following next to a completed Activity that had errors.




I'm looking to be able to do the same thing in my application.


I'm using the .NET ConstantContact API, and the Activity object has 2 properties: Errors and Warnings. Neither seems to contain these issues. Furthermore, the ErrorCount property suggests there are 0 errors.


I can understand that there are 0 errors, as the task completed successfully. My question is from where in the API do I retrieve the above information?






At this time, some information regarding contacts there were not able to be added to the contact list is not available through the activities API. The example you've provided above with un-subscribes is one case that has not yet been added. We are looking into what it would take to make some of this information available through the API to achieve greater parity with what is available in the UI, and it is not likely that we would see anything implemented in the very near future.


We do recognize that this does limit the ability to monitor the overall status of your activities and it is definitely on the list of things that we are working towards implementing in our API. If you do have any questions or thoughts about this, please feel free to reply to this post and we will be happy to help!

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