How to send campaign to filtered email addresses in a contact list.


How to send campaign to filtered email addresses in a contact list.


Please give answer of following question.

Can I send email addresses directly with a mail campaign using the API or I have to create contact lists first then I can send a campaign to a predefine a contact list only as defined in your XML format. I am not getting a place in XML formats defined in your site create an email with emails not the contact list

 For an example: I have email addresses on site related to various users. I want to use the API to send/create email to only female member of USA. Can I do that using the API. 

Or the email can be created for specified contact list and will be sent to all contacts/email address that are in the contact list.




1.    Email addresses cannot be included with the campaign in 1 large request. The creation of the contact list and creation of the email must be performed in two separate actions. You can create either the email or the contact list first as neither require the other in order to exist. However, this is two separate API calls.

2.    Emails cannot be sent directly through the API without permission from our AppConnect team. You can find more information about this at Scheduling and Sending a Campaign. If permission is given, you can certainly filter out your lists based on whatever criteria you want, but you would need to make a list called “USA Female Only” (or something similar) as we do not have the functionality to filter through your contacts like this available through our API. With that being said, our user interface at does allow you to set up an advanced search and create a new list based off of your search criteria. For more information on this feature I would recommend taking a look at FAQ: Creating or adding to a list from search results


I hope this helps, please let me know if you have any further questions.


David J

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