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I can't copy existing contact on new contact list.


I can't copy existing contact on new contact list.



I have implemented below API for add contact on my newly creted contact list.



Search and Add Contact is working fine for me on my local and server both but when i call UpdateContact it will return with below Error.


Constant Contact Exception -- October 19, 2015, 6:59:29am
Constant Contact HTTP Request Exception: <h1>596 Service Not Found</h1>
Stack Trace: #0 /Collections.php(214): CTCTRequest->makeRequest('https://api.con...', 'PUT', '<?xml version="...')
#1 /ConstantContact.php(211): ContactsCollection->updateContact(Object(Contact))
#2 cc_test.php(50): ConstantContact->updateContact(Object(Contact))
#3 {main}


Looking for solution for the same, please help.







I had to take some time to look into this library as it is built for an older and now deprecated verison of our API. After investigation, I found that the way that UpdateContact is implemented, it will only work if the Contact object is created by using the searchContactsByEmail method. If you do not get the contact details this way, then a required property of the contact object is not set, causing the UpdateContact method to fail.


If you are working on a new API integration, I would strongly advise working on our V2 API and using our PHP SDK that can be found here: https://github.com/constantcontact/php-sdk


If you have concerns about support for older versions of PHP, you can make use of some of the older versions of the PHP SDK that will have better support for older versions of PHP.



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