I need an orientation

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I need an orientation

Hello to all,

initially I apologize for the question that I do, but have not found an answer to my doubts, I'm new here


My client asked me to redesign the site of his company, he uses Constant Contact for a long time and has more than 5,000 e-mails registered.


Today, believe it or not, it registers the email newsletter for 1 by 1 manually.


He wants the form on the new site it register the new direct emails in his account at Constant Contact. However I did not find how to do this integration


I created my account, I generated api key but did not understand where I set up the account that my client, I understand this Api key token and accessories that are my developer account.


I wonder how can I solve this?




Luciano Giardino

Marketing Advisor

Re: I need an orientation


Thank you for contacting us.  We actually have a separate email address for API support.   The email for them is webservices@constantcontact.com.  Please let us know if there is anything else we can help you with                 

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