I want to integrate my PHP personalized campaign with Constant Contact

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I want to integrate my PHP personalized campaign with Constant Contact

I have a campaign I am running. The PHP allows users to fill out a share form - this form contains sender, recipient and message data. An HTML email is created using PHP and merges these fields along with some dynamic links. When the recipient clicks on the dyanmic HTTP link, it launches a browser and passes stats (opens, etc.) back to the database.

We are trying to eliminate being tossed into spam filters. So I am looking at CC API. How would I go about integration so that I can maintain my PHP with the above-described functionality, but have the emails being sent from PHP.

Also, our intial HTML blast will be personalized as well.



While this functionality is possible with our system, as a bulk email sender, we do require that the contacts that you are emailing with us are direct permission contacts. This means that they have to expressly agree to accept emails from you. It appears that what you are looking for is for people to sign other people up into getting the emails.

If you have any questions about this, or if I am misunderstanding what is going on, please let me know.


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It's really a "send to a friend" that we are trying to create (similar to gigya) in that a personalized HTML email gets spit out and sent to the person's friend if they fill out the "Share" form. The sender email address can still be a constanctcontact address; it's just the sender name value would be the name of the sender entered in the form.

Make sense/ possible?

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