Initial Questions before getting started.

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Initial Questions before getting started.

I'm thinking of using the API to create a custom auto-responding marketing campaign.  I have a need for:

*  14 different autoresponders (I have 14 different producst, so I want to customize the emails)

* Being able to add contacts to the autoresponders in an automated fashion.

I just watched the autoresponder tutorial and two things stood out. First, it appears only 5 autoresponders can be created. Second, it warned that you cannot use the api to add contacts to the autoresponder.  Is this still the case, is there some work around? Thank you.

If this is not the correct forum, please direct me to the correct one. Thank you for any and all assistance.



This is definitely the right forum to ask API related questions, even if they relate to non API related Constant Contact services such as Autoresponder.

I am not sure where you saw that Autoresponder does not work with the API. As long as you have an Active autoresponder list and you add contacts that are new to the account to that list, it should work just as if you were adding them any other way. If you can remember where you saw that, can you let me know as this would need to be corrected.

However, at this time our Autoresponder allows 10 active autoresponder emails to go out at various times for the auto responder lists. However, only one set of autoresponder emails will go out to one set of lists. So you are not able to schedule 1 list to go out to 1 set of emails, and another list to go out to a different set.

If you have any questions with this please let me know.


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I was watching the training video for auto-responders. I rewatched a 2nd time, and see where my confusion is coming.  The narrator seems to alternate between "autoresponder" and "Autoresponder Email".  Hence my conclusion that only 5 autoresponders could be made. I was not able to find where it said you couldn't use the API with the autoresponder feature... thought it too was in the video.

Here's what I'm trying to do:

I want to be able to automate the follow up via email with my potential customers with the autoresponder. I get a very large number (I think up to 1000) of downloaders  on my site daily.  Each of the downloaders is requried to give me their email, and pick 1 of 14 different products.


For each downloader, here’ is what I’d like:


1. Same day of download, users gets first email, basically asking them how there download went and if the product installed and is functioning well, have any questions or concerns.  Also, tell them about the specials we have for the product.

2. A week after downloading, I’d like to ask if the trial evaluation is working well. And to please let me know if they have any questions

3. Two weeks after downloading, I’d like to ask them what I can do to get their business.


The email content for items 1-3 above will be a function of which of the 14 products they downloaded. I could generate 14 CSV files daily, containing a list of all the downloaders for each specific product. Next, I’m hoping I can automate the uploading of this list to your platform, and initiate an automated marketing cycle (1-3 above). Perhaps instead of creating a csv file, I could just update constant contact as downloaders on my site give me their email....?



What suggestions do you have for me?


Ideally, if you had 14 unique auto-responders, each with a corresponding contact list, I might be able to do this with your solution....


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