Integrating Website Newsletter with Email Newsletter

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Integrating Website Newsletter with Email Newsletter


I am trying to make it a 1 step newsletter publication process where I create and send an email newsletter to my contacts within Contant Contact, then it also publishes the same content to the newseltter section on my website.

Is this possible?


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RE: Integrating Website Newsletter with Email Newsletter

Our API supports retreiving, adding, and updating contact information to your account. There is no solution for automating the creation of an email, or the ability to update an external website with such email content at this time.

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automating the creation of an email

Do you expect, in the near future, to enable automation of email creation? We have clients that wish to auto-populate portions of an email (e.g. listing of new members in a "new members block", listing of coming event in a "coming events block" -- both of these examples would pull content from databases that power their websites). Other solutions, like Lyris, will send an email that is sent to a specific address. It's not hard, but I am guessing that Constant Contact has its own reasons for not enabling this at this point...


We recently, about 3 months

We recently, about 3 months ago, added the ability to create and update the contents of an HTML email using our REST API.  You can find more information about this here.  Please note, we do not open up the updating of our templates used in our editor for the API.  Since these templates are designed solely for use in our editor, we do not have plans to expose those to the API.

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