Integration with existing website database/registration process


Integration with existing website database/registration process

I am wondering if I can integrate my website's existing database with the Constant Contact database so that changes and updates in one automatically occur in the other (new, deletes, opt-outs). I currently have 8000 registered users, as well as a registration process I want to keep in place.

If the answer is here already, and I'm thinking it must be, my apologies, but I did see it (or recognize it).

You can definitely use our API to create your own scripts to send your new sign ups to Constant Contact. You can also create scripts that will go through your Constant Contact database and pull out people who have opted out or signed up through Constant Contacts sign up features (such as Forward to a Friend signups). The documentation on the various API types may help you decide which way you want to go.

A good place to get started is API Doc. This page gives a break down of how you can both query the Constant Contact database and send information to is.
Dave Berard
Senior Product Manager, Constant Contact
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