Is it possible to automate e-mail send or send the contents of a URL


Is it possible to automate e-mail send or send the contents of a URL

Is it possible with Constant Contact to automatically send the contents of a URL, or use some sort of API to automatically send an e-mailer with the contents of a URL at a given time each day.

Here's the issue in specifics. I work for a TV news station and we are looking at doing a daily e-mail alert. Each morning we send out an e-mail which has the top stories for the day. The e-mail is automatically created using a PHP, and then a simple php script pushes it out, and it works seamlessly every single morning without requiring anyone to do anything. But, we're having problems being blocked by ISP's like Yahoo (even though it is an opt-in feature), and stuff like that, so we are looking at services like CC.

When I spoke with Constant Contact customer service they said this wasn't a possibility, but I wanted to check to make sure. Does the CC API allow such an action to take place?

Owen Allen

We currently do not have the functionality to resend or send email campaigns. We do plan on making future enhancements to the API feature set in the future so keep your eyes on future releases and updates in this forum.
Dave Berard
Senior Product Manager, Constant Contact
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