Is there a limit to number of events coming from API?


Is there a limit to number of events coming from API?

We have an API to get events posted on our website after they are entered in Constant Contact. I have entered about 150 events in constant contact, but only 50 are coming back through.


Is 50 the limit?

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We are interested in this answer as well. Thanks!

If you are using our v2 API, the default amount of events returned on the first page is 50, this can be set to anything from 1-500 using the limit query parameter (see our documentation for details).  Included in the payload when you hit the limit of returned results is a meta data section which would include a link to the next 1-500 events, depending on what your original limits are.  You can see our documentation overview on paginated data for more information on how this works.

Dave Berard
Senior Product Manager, Constant Contact
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