Java API: import com.constantcontact.ConstantContact cannot be resolved

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Java API: import com.constantcontact.ConstantContact cannot be resolved


I'm trying to get started with the Java API.

I downloaded the Java SDK.

I installed the Eclipse Maven Plugin and imported the files using the Maven POM file.


All of the files in src/main/java appear to validate fine.


When I try to write the example given in the readme file it doesn't recognize the ConstantContact library, giving the error message: The import com.constantcontact.ConstantContact cannot be resolved.


I added a new package at the end of the packages in the src/main/java folder, after com.constantcontact.webhooks.model package.  From there I added a new class with the following code:


package JGL;

import com.constantcontact.components.Component;

import com.constantcontact.ConstantContact;



public class Run {

public static void main(String[] args){

ConstantContact constantContact = new ConstantContact("api", "token");

Contact contact = constantContact.getContact(2);




Note that Eclipse does recognise the components.Component library. 


Any ideas on why I can't get this to work?





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Re: Java API: import com.constantcontact.ConstantContact cannot be resolved

It occured to me that since the other library imports fine, maybe the sdk has changed since the original readme post.  I dug into the code and got this to work:


import com.constantcontact.components.contacts.Contact;

import com.constantcontact.exceptions.service.ConstantContactServiceException;



public class Run2 {

public static void main(String[] args){

String api = "api";

String token = "token";


ContactService cs = new ContactService(token,api);


Contact c = new Contact();


c =cs.getContact("2");


catch(ConstantContactServiceException ccse) {





Must be the that the original examples no longer work.




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Re: Java API: import com.constantcontact.ConstantContact cannot be resolved



My apologies for the delayed response! What you observed about changes in the SDK is correct! There was a major update to the SDK that was designed to move towards a proper service based SDK, rather than relying on a very large and difficult to read master class. The sample code included with the SDK on our github repo has also been updated and can be used as a reference if needed.


If you have any questions about using the updated SDK, please feel free to ask!



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