Landing Page Contact Form


Landing Page Contact Form

Hey guys, 


I am not that familiar with the API for constant contact. I am a developer and need to rush out a project for a major chain in the US. Basically its just going to be a landing page for now with a logo up top and an inquiry form. The inquiry form will first have a "type of inquiry" with 4 categories listed. Then there is a message area and a send button. Depending on the type of inquiry selected, I want that contact to be added to a specific list. I hope this is easy to grasp for everyone. Ive attached an image of the design of the form.


Sorry if this is a newb question but I really need help here.

File Apr 13, 9 07 25 AM.jpeg

Hello Darrin,


There's no need to apologize at all! From the screenshot that you posted, it looks like you're trying to do two separate things. It looks like you're trying to collect contact information and have this sent to Constant Contact. It also looks like you are trying to create a standard web “Contact Us” form. I'm happy to help get you started for the Constant Contact integration.


As our API works right now, the first four fields will be very straightforward to add to Constant Contact via the API. We even have SDKs that provide functional examples in a variety of languages at .These would be your best option if you are in a rush, as you are saying.


We're currently in the process of creating a simplifed URL to post a single contact to. This would be the ideal solution for you, but this is likely 6-8 weeks away from release. I'm not sure what timeframe you are looking at, but if you have the time for this it would simplify your work considerably.


I hope this was helpful, and please feel free to respond if you have any further questions.


Josh Kirch

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