Looking for a developer


Looking for a developer

I'm a php and mysql developer -- I've got an in-house DB. I'd like to hire some consulting help with using the API to automatically keep my DB in synch with my CC list and use autoresponder.  


Please call me at 520-829-0646 or post here. Thanks.


Puran Bair


If you haven't had a developer reach out to you yet, feel free to look in our MarketPlace for potential developers.  While these are Constant Contact partners, Constant Contact does not in any way endorse any of their work or recommend any specific developers.  However, you are likely to find someone who can build what you're looking to have done here: http://marketplace.constantcontact.com/ServicesSearch?sort=partnerLevel&query=&need=Software+Develop...

Dave Berard
Senior Product Manager, Constant Contact
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